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FLAKKA: A New Dangerous Designer Drug

“Flakka,” a new designer drug luring some young Americans, is even more potent and more addictive than its synthetic predecessors, which long skirted the law, experts say.
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Announcing Appointment to the Kentucky Board of Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors


The Genesis Shop is proud to announce that Owner Lisa Lee has been appointed as a member of the Kentucky Board of Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Serving on this board and being picked to do so only shows Lisa’s expertise and authority in the area of drug and alcohol testing and keeping our workforce safe and companies in compliance. View Lisa’s appointment letter

Welcome to The Genesis Shop

Workplace Drug Testing, Policy Review, Background Screens, In-Home Drug Testing, DNA Testing

The Genesis Shop specializes in background checks, policy review, and workplace drug testing and offers multiple solutions that prevent and deters drug abuse in both workplace environments and in our homes.

Whether we are testing on-site — through our 10,000 labs nationwide — or providing testing devices, we ensure that all tests provided by The Genesis Shop are FDA and CLIA waived, guaranteeing that the tests are safe and accurate. All positive results can be verified through SAMSHA certified labs and Medical Review Officers.

Our chief drug testing consultant is available for a free consultation to determine a cost-effective solution for your business.