7 Reasons for an Employer to Have and Enforce A Drug-Free Workplace

As new issues emerge within the workplace, employers are challenged with safeguarding business operations. When a business fails to implement preventative measures, internal assets are compromised, unexpected risks can interrupt operations, and the quality of services can be impacted.

One way to safeguard your business is through a drug-free workplace policy. Here are seven reasons to enforce one:

  • Workers Compensation – Employees under the influence of drugs are more likely to incur a workplace injury which can result in workers compensation claims at the expense of the employer.
  • Employee Safety – A drug free workplace policy can prevent accidents from occurring and also aids in the protection of your workforce by limiting risky behaviors during and after work hours.
  • Productivity – Oftentimes, employees that partake in illegal drug use are less productive on the job. These individuals are more susceptible to making mistakes and not using sound judgment.
  • Workplace Theft – Due to the high costs associated with drug habits, the company could be at risk in losing tangible assets. Implementing a drug free workplace policy can protect the company from the risks of theft of high cost items such as computers and confidential information.
  • Employee Turnover – Due to poor performance, employees are more likely to quit a job or be terminated for cause. It can be very costly for an employer when there is turnover within the workplace.
  • Absenteeism – Employees that use drugs have a higher absenteeism rate and are more likely to be late to work which can greatly impact their production and performance.
  • Medical Costs – Oftentimes, employees that use drugs have a higher number of insurance claims which can result in an increase of medical premiums company wide.

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