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Krokodil: Deadly and Addictive

Krokodil is an extremely addictive injectable opioid (pronounced like “crocodile”). It is generally contains the active ingredient desomorphine as well as other opioid alkaloids and high concentrations of processing chemicals. This drug is so named in part because users often experience black or green scaly skin as a side effect. Krokodil causes serious damage to the veins and soft tissue […]

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2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health Results

The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health Results (NSDUH) came out last month. This survey is the primary source of information on the use of illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in the civilian, non-institutionalized citizens of the United States 12 years old or older. Approximately 67,500 persons are interviewed in NSDUH each year. This survey is very […]

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Synthetic Marijuana May Be Cause Of Three Colorado Deaths

Colorado state officials say synthetic marijuana may be the cause of three deaths earlier this month. Since then, the Colorado Department of Public Health has begun investigating an outbreak of hospital illnesses that may be tied to this dangerous substance. Investigation shows that approximately 75 people who reported smoking a form of synthetic marijuana may have […]

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How Employee Drug Abuse Costs You Money

According to the Drug Free America Foundation, Inc., business owners lose an approximate $100 billion each year due to substance abuse. Here’s a breakdown of how employee drug abuse costs you money: Higher absenteeism and turnover rate More job-related accidents Employees who use drugs are only two thirds as productive as nonusers Increased thefts, equipment damage and other unnecessary […]

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Sophisticated Chemistry Of Designer Drugs Challenges Law Enforcement

In order for drug abuse and distribution to go punished, the drug must closely match something that is listed in the Schedules of Controlled Substances. With the fast-changing landscape of designer drugs, it can be hard for law enforcement to take action against these new, dangerous drugs. Vanessa Grigoriadis, a contributing editor at New York […]

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smoking alcohol

Smoking Alcohol, A Dangerous New Trend

Now there’s another way to abuse alcohol — by inhaling the vapors. The colloquial term is “smoking alcohol”, but it’s actually done by vaporizing the alcohol and inhaling those vapors. This practice will give an instant high and is extremely dangerous and addictive. The videos have gone viral on YouTube and are very popular with […]

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louisville drug testing

Why Mobile On-Site Drug Testing Is Better

There are lots of reasons you should be drug testing your employees. However, many organizations that do still send their employees off-site to a lab to do the testing. At The Genesis Shop, we offer a convenient, mobile on-site drug testing lab. This type of testing is ideal for lots of people, but Department of […]

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drug testing louisville, ky

7 Reasons For A Drug-Free Policy

As new issues emerge within the workplace, employers are challenged with safeguarding business operations. When a business fails to implement preventative measures, internal assets are compromised, unexpected risks can interrupt operations, and the quality of services can be impacted. Here are seven compelling reasons to have a drug-free policy at your business: Worker Compensation – Employees […]

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signs your teen might be abusing drugs

What To Do If You Suspect Your Teen Is Abusing Drugs

The teenage years are a trial, both for the parents and the kids. Adolescence is your child’s time to start developing a more individualized worldview as well as a sense of autonomy and freedom. Teenagers often push boundaries. This can also be a difficult time in your relationship with your teen because of very common […]

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american opinion on legal marijuana

Colorado Court Says Marijuana Users Can Still Be Fired

It’s been about six months since the Colorado Amendment 64, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, passed. Now there are discussions about the regulations and taxations of said marijuana, but there are also concerns being battled out in court. Last month, a Denver court ruled that employers in the state can lawfully fire workers who test […]

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