Case Studies

Nationwide Need

case studiesAn employer with 700 employees nationwide had an outdated Drug-Free Workplace policy and knew they had employees abusing both on and off the clock.  They were only conducting pre-employment drug screens at that time and needed a more in-depth comprehensive program. The Genesis Shop was contacted to review, update, write and implement a new policy.

After consulting with the employer, The Genesis Shop created a custom Drug-Free Workplace policy that met all of the requested specifications. These specifications included pre-employment screening, random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion screening.  The new policy encompassed a full program to support the Drug-Free Workplace policy and provide proper documentation and training for managers and supervisors.

Pre-employment screening was implemented through our nationwide network of 10,000 labs. The Genesis Shop provided on-line access to scheduling, tracking and getting results. This allowed the employer to use the same lab for all employees nationwide and have the capability to track the testing process themselves.

Phase two of the program was to conduct on-site random drug screening. Over a period of six months with the random program in place there were no more positive results.  The culture of the company had shifted because employee’s where now aware that they could be pulled any month for a random screen. As far as the remote employee’s, when one of them is pulled, The Genesis Shop put a system in place to contact the employees and have them report to the closest lab in the network.


Hotel Help

A hotel customer was conducting drug screens through traditional lab-based testing. The staff were waiting two to three days to get results before their background screening and the hiring process could continue. The Genesis Shop was contacted to provide an alternative to speed up the hiring process. Several saliva instant drug screening devices were brought in to field test in their environment.

This customer opted to use a six-panel oral/saliva drug testing device that produced instant results within one to two minutes of administering the test. The human resources staff was trained and monitored by The Genesis Shop for proper protocol in administering and maintaining an in-house testing program.

The result was the customer went from a two to three day waiting period on drug tests an instant result. This allowed HR to go from interview to hiring paperwork in a matter of a couple of hours vs. almost an entire business week. The Genesis Shop continues to monitor and advise the customer.


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