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Synthetic Marijuana May Be Cause Of Three Colorado Deaths

Colorado state officials say synthetic marijuana may be the cause of three deaths earlier this month. Since then, the Colorado Department of Public Health has begun investigating an outbreak of hospital illnesses that may be tied to this dangerous substance. Investigation shows that approximately 75 people who reported smoking a form of synthetic marijuana may have […]

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signs your teen might be abusing drugs

What To Do If You Suspect Your Teen Is Abusing Drugs

The teenage years are a trial, both for the parents and the kids. Adolescence is your child’s time to start developing a more individualized worldview as well as a sense of autonomy and freedom. Teenagers often push boundaries. This can also be a difficult time in your relationship with your teen because of very common […]

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crystal meth

Meth: Dangerous To Make, Dangerous To Take

The popular FX show Breaking Bad, about a New Mexico chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who resorts to making meth to save money for his family, often demonstrates the sheer level of chemicals and danger that go into “cooking” methamphetamines. However, the show doesn’t often focus on the ill effects of the substance itself and […]

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designer drugs

Designer Drugs

The world of drug abuse evolves every day with the discovery of new compounds and combinations. Here are some new designer drugs that are gaining in popularity: Bath Salts This designer drug made headlines by causing a psychotic episode in a few users, which prompted them to attack other people in a zombie-like fashion. The term […]

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