Instant Drug Testing

The Benefits of Instant Testing for Drugs and Alcohol

Instant testing for drugs of abuse yields rapid, reliable results. Compared with lab-based testing which can days to provide a result, instant testing takes only minutes and enables faster decision making and greater program efficiency. Instant drug testing can save employers money as well as time away from work when an employee needs to be tested.

Reliable, Rapid Results
Our U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared testing products deliver consistent, accurate results. With results available only minutes after the collection, instant drug testing eliminates the logistics, testing and reporting delays that can be associated with lab-based testing.

Flexible Collections
Our easy-to-use testing products can be used for on-site collections, either by us or the employer at the place of employment or in some instances, on-site at multiple locations such as construction sites. This flexibility provides options that can suit most testing situations.

Laboratory Support
It is recommended that instant drug tests that screen non-negative for illicit drugs should be confirmed in a laboratory. Within our network of SAMHSA-certified drug-testing laboratories, we will retest the specimen to determine if drugs are present. This additional layer of support and assurance can help to improve the quality and reliability of any testing program.



Instant Drug and Alcohol Testing

Q: In addition to the time it takes to receive a test result, what other factors should be considered when evaluating instant vs. lab-based drug testing?

A: Convenience and fast turnaround times are important. Other key considerations include your company’s drug testing program and objectives, state laws in every state you conduct business, the value of an accurate test and a commitment to the added responsibility of collecting and overseeing an on-site drug testing program. In the case of instant drug testing, factor in whether or not your company/employees are in a position to bear the responsibility of interpreting and determining the test results. The Genesis Shop will consult you on your state laws and responsibility of testing in-house or on-site.

Q: Is instant testing also referred to as POCT?

A: Yes, instant tests are sometimes referred to as POCT which stands for point of collection testing. These tests all yield a drug and/or alcohol result within minutes.

Q: Who collects the instant drug test specimen?

A: This can vary by company and your preference. The Genesis Shop can train your company how to do collections or we can come collect on-site at your facility. Tests can be collected and interpreted on-site at the place of employment, while other tests are collected and interpreted at a collection site by a trained drug testing technician.

Q: What workplace drug test products does The Genesis provide?

A: We offer both urine and saliva based instant testing products. The number of drugs tested can be from 1 panel to 12 with custom panels available. Please consult with The Genesis Shop on what panels are recommended in your environment. Both our urine and saliva testing devices can have an alcohol panel added upon request. We also offer a separate saliva based alcohol only testing device.

Q: What drugs do each type of test detect?

A: The most common is a five panel in both urine and saliva devices and tests for amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates and PCP. Our products are all offered in different configurations and up to 12 drugs can be configured on all testing devices..

Q: Does The Genesis Shop sell an instant oral fluid testing product?

A: Yes, please consult with us to determine which testing device will work best in your environment.

Q: Are instant testing devices accurate?

A: Yes. There is a wide disparity between instant oral fluid devices. Some states require the use of FDA-cleared oral testing devices, at this time there is only one such oral device on the market. Please consult with The Genesis Shop on your state requirements and the appropriate testing method.

Q: Is a testing laboratory available to verify the results of instant drug tests?

A: Yes. Actually the best practice for any instant drug testing program is to send non-negative initial screens into the laboratory for confirmatory testing. We use only SAMSHA certified labs to confirm our non-negative results.

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