Lab Based Testing

lab based drug testingThe Genesis Shop has over 10,000 labs nationwide in our network to meet the needs of those requiring a traditional lab based test. Our network of labs can provide pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident screening. We offer 5 and 10-panel lab based testing, as well as nicotine for health insurance wellness programs, and non-DOT and DOT testing services.

Lab-based testing is the only drug testing method permitted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Department of Transportation. Due to these certifications, lab-based test results provide empirical data to prove accuracy claims. Lab-based testing also provides additional security in knowing non-negative results are tested a second time to confirm the screening result, whereas instant tests require a sample to be sent to the lab to confirm the presence of illicit compounds.

Most lab locations will provide both urine and oral testing solutions. Please check with us to verify. Both instant and traditional lab based testing is available.

The Genesis Shop has locations all over the United States normally within a few miles of a donor’s address. We offer on-line registration with our labs and will electronically send results to you within two to three business days of the collection.

Please contact us for information about lab based drug testing.