Lisa’s Story

lisa lee drug testing expert louisville kyMeet our chief drug testing consultant and owner, Lisa Lee.

Like many families, our family has felt the effects of drug and alcohol abuse at times. I have witnessed the damage that drug and alcohol abuse can cause, and I wanted to do something to help others avoid going through what we experienced.

In those times, had I been aware of the signs and symptoms of addiction, lives could have been saved and earlier treatment sought for those suffering. Addiction can be overcome and I am witness to this as well. Drug testing is the first line of defense and prevention for drug abuse, and timely testing can prevent a lot of heartache.

I founded The Genesis Shop to educate employers and families about the critical lifeline that we can offer abusers through testing, support, and treatment. We want families and parents to become better educated and aware of the dangerous substances our children are exposed to every day.

We want The Genesis Shop to help employers do more than just have a workplace drug free policy – we want to assist them as they implement it, support it, and deliver it to employees to create safer, more productive work environments.

Awareness is prevention.  I believe what Ben Franklin once said:  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Let us help you today secure your workplace and fight drug and alcohol abuse.