Smoking Alcohol, A Dangerous New Trend

smoking alcoholNow there’s another way to abuse alcohol — by inhaling the vapors. The colloquial term is “smoking alcohol”, but it’s actually done by vaporizing the alcohol and inhaling those vapors. This practice will give an instant high and is extremely dangerous and addictive.

The videos have gone viral on YouTube and are very popular with teenagers.

“It’s binge drinking in an instant. It’s like doing five or six shots into your bloodstream right away,” said Steve Pasierb, who runs the partnership at, in an interview with Today news.

When alcohol is consumed normally, it takes about 20 minutes to pass through a bunch of organs and systems in your body before getting absorbed to your bloodstream to go to your brain. By smoking alcohol, it skips all of those processes to get straight to your brain. This can make it extremely quick and easy to poison yourself.

And if teens think that this is a workaround the law, it isn’t. Consuming alcohol in any way when you’re under 21 is against the law; it doesn’t have to be through drinking.

Talk to your kids about this dangerous trend and address any misconceptions they might have. Check their browsing history for research or videos on how to smoke alcohol. If there are a number of empty plastic bottles around his or her room, check into why they’re there.

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