The Genesis Shop Testimonials and Reviews.
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Allison Greene  

Lisa was amazing! She was quick to respond, very professional, and got me in to see her quickly! Highly recommend.

Jillian Hamilton

I’ve worked with Lisa a couple of times now, and she is kind, accommodating, and professional. I highly recommend her, and her services.

Steve Wilkinson

I highly recommend this company. The owner, Ms. Lee and her company are very knowledgeable and very professional. The company is a mobile component and they travel to perform their services in person or on-site. Their costs are very reasonable with quick turn around..

Det. Melissa McIntosh, MS, PI

Professional, compassionate, hard-working. Lisa Lee has it ALL going on. Don’t hesitate to call.

Glenn Rhodes

A good friend of mine needed a 10 panel hair follicle test for a custody case. The test was court ordered and needed to be performed same day. My friend was given a list of locations that performed this test, and each one quoted her $300+ which was going to be a struggle for her to afford. I knew of the Genesis Shop and Lisa Lee. I gave her a call and not only was she able to perform the test for an individual client at less than half the cost of the of the other agencies, but she went to my friend’s location to perform the test so she didn’t even half to go anywhere. I was amazed at the service she was given and how quickly and easily it was able to be done. Lisa Lee & the Genesis Shop really came through for my friend and I cannot thank them enough.

Wayne Carroll

I have known Lisa Lee and been familiar with The Genesis Shop for several years. She has a tremendous personal commitment to helping people and employers with substance abuse education and drug testing assistance. Her company stays current with the latest information and techniques. I highly recommend her company to anyone!.