Training Programs

We Provide Naloxone Training

We offer a training session on how to properly administer Naloxone in case of a heroin overdoes in your facility. We can also help you find food resources for obtaining the kits.

Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training

Our Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion training follows DOT guidelines for both DOT and non-DOT employers.  We offer on-site training programs to assist your supervisors in all aspects of understanding and complying with your Drug Policy and understanding the concept of “reasonable suspicion.” Below is a sample of our training agenda.

Objectives of Training

  1. Overview of Your Company’s Drug Free Workplace Policy
  2. Supervisor’s Responsibilities
  3. Identifying Performance Problems and Situations
  4. The Heroin Epidemic
  5. Recognizing Problems
  6. Intervention and Referral
  7. Protecting Confidentiality
  8. Enabling and Supervisor Traps
  9. What a supervisor Can and Can’t Do
  10. Introduction to Signs and Symptoms
  11. Common Characteristics to Look For
  12. Supervisors Check List

The Genesis Shop also offers parenting classes, testing procedures and many more. Please contact us for information on training programs.

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