Why Mobile On-Site Drug Testing Is Better

mobile on-site drug testingThere are lots of reasons you should be drug testing your employees. However, many organizations that do still send their employees off-site to a lab to do the testing. At The Genesis Shop, we offer a convenient, mobile on-site drug testing lab. This type of testing is ideal for lots of people, but Department of Transportation will benefit withs o many drivers and heavy machinery. We do this on purpose. Here’s why:

1. Your employees don’t have to leave.

This has a number of benefits, the top one being you don’t lose half a day’s work sending him or her to the lab. In addition to that, any time your employee is out and about on your time and they incur an injury, you could be held legally responsible. Having the testing on site also makes it more difficult for your employees to work around testing positive and you can catch them by surprise better.

2. Instant results.

Sending your employees to a lab generally gives you a three-day waiting period before you get the results. The Genesis Shop’s mobile on-site testing will give you immediate results. There are also less opportunities for tampering or error with our immediate testing. A positive drug test that returns from the lab can easily be contested in court if even the smallest procedure wasn’t followed. We can minimize those risks.

3. Less disruptive.

Like we said before, your employees don’t have to leave. The process takes a fraction of the time and won’t disrupt the entire day’s productivity. And because of that, you can test more employees at a time if you’d like without a huge toll on your business’s productivity.

Find out how you can still maintain a safe working environment through drug testing but minimize the toll it takes on productivity by calling us today: 800-648-9563.


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