Fingerprinting Services

The Genesis Shop offers Fingerprinting services to the Kentuckiana area.
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The Genesis Shop offers services both in office and mobile for your convenience.

organizations we serve

Apostille Report

We provide fingerprinting services for Apostille Reports, often needed for entry into other countries, and other diplomacy needs.


Adoption agencies often have fingerprinting requirements. Our staff members will be happy to accomodate your adoption needs.

Court Matters


Need your annual FINRA background check done? We offer it both digitally and by use of FINRA ink cards.

Personal Review

For personal review services, such as for FINRA . We offer printing to be done on your FINRA card.


Most foreign countries requesting your fingerprints will ask you to be fingerprinted on a card or form.

Other Reasons

For all other reasons, please contact us for more clarification so that our staff members can take care of your needs.

Fingerprint Services

FBI Fingerprinting

Need an FBI background check? Our live scan devices submit your prints digitally with results in 24 hours emailed right to you..

Ink/Digital Fingerprinting

We offer ink fingerprinting services on fingerprint cards by printing them from a live scan capture for your convenience.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is done on glass scanner that electronically captures your prints.

Out of State

Some states may only have card submissions available while others have electronic live scan fingerprinting available by using our hardware, software, and authorized channelers.


Fingerprinting for Brokers to submit to FINRA for their employment or hiring process.

ATF Fingerprinting

ATF Live Scan fingerprinting for NFA purposes.